Josefa Ortiz De Domínguez was the heroine of the Mexican Independence. She was born in México City, and was raised by her sister after becoming an orphan at an early age. She attended Vizcainas College and graduated in 1791. She married Don Miguel Dominguez, a prominent government official. They moved to the beautiful and industrial city of Queretaro where he became “El Corregidor” or mayor. Thus, she is also known as “La Corregidora”.

She participated actively in the Independence movement that began in the city of Queretaro. Her participation in this movement was crucial in its early stages since she provided financial support. One of her most important contributions to the Independence movement was when she alerted Father Miguel Hidalgo that the conspiracy had been discovered by the Spanish. Thus, Hidalgo, prompted “EL GRITO DE INDEPENDENCIA” on September 16, 1810, instead of October as it had been previously planned.

Doña Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez, who risked her life and freedom on behalf of the Mexican Independence, died in 1829 in Mexico City. She later was laid to rest in the City of Queretaro, her contribution to the history of Mexican Independence has impacted today’s women by her courage and loyalty to her country. The Little Village community, predominantly of Mexican descent, is proud to name one of its schools after her, JOSEFA ORTIZ DE DOMINGUEZ.